Why Prehab is You Best BJJ Training Partner

When it comes to BJJ training, there is always the potential for injury. Prehab will help you stay healthy so that you can roll longer. Why Prehab Is Your Best BJJ Training Partner Every time you engage in BJJ training, injury is a possibility. We often find ourselves in uncomfortable and physically compromising positions.  However, […]

BJJ Prehab: Stay Healthy, Roll Longer

Mike Pellegrino – BJJ Prehab co-founder – is a third degree blackbelt, doctor of physical therapy, and head of instruction at Mass BJJ. Read on to learn how BJJ Prehab can keep you healthy and on the mat longer! The Story of BJJ Prehab They say that you don’t truly know the value of something […]

BJJ Prehab Q&A with Lachlan Giles

We connected with Lachlan Giles to learn a bit about his journey in jiu-jitsu and physiotherapy, as well as get his expert insight into jiu-jitsu injuries and prevention. BJJ Prehab Q&A with Lachlan Giles Lachlan Giles is currently one of the most talked-about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes on the scene right now. Especially since his spectacular performance […]

Why Prehab is Better Than Yoga for BJJ Injury Prevention

If you struggle with BJJ injuries, read on to learn my Prehab is better than strength and conditioning and yoga for BJJ injury prevention. Why Prehab is Better than S&C or Yoga for BJJ Injury Prevention When it comes to training jiu-jitsu, injuries are nearly inevitable. So whatever your goals are for your jiu-jitsu journey, […]

Prehab vs. Rehab

While rehab aims to RE-habilitate an injury, prehab aims to PRE-habilitate your body so that you can prevent injuries altogether. Read on to learn more about the difference, and what makes a successful prehab program. What is the Difference Between Rehab and Prehab? If you’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu long enough, you’ve probably experienced some […]

The Five Frequently Asked Questions of Prehab

Here are the five most common Frequently Asked Questions we receive about BJJ Prehab, and prehab in general. The Five FAQs of Prehab​ So, you’ve finally realized the importance of BJJ injury prevention, and decided to join the prehab bandwagon. Or maybe you’re still on-the-fence and you’re curious to learn more… Either way, you have questions about […]