Frequently Asked Questions

The BJJ Prehab program offers subscribers personalized, weekly injury prevention video routines.

Our goal is to provide people with the exercise tools needed to help you reduce risk of injury and keep the body working optimally. These exercise movements are a fundamental aspect of taking care of the body so you can practice Jiu-Jitsu into your later years by helping to reduce the risk of preventable injuries. 

It’s simple. Sign up, fill out a questionnaire to tell us a bit about your body history (things like fitness level, nagging issues, and injury-prone areas), and you’ll get a fresh set of 12-15 minute workouts each week that are tailored to your particular body needs. 

It takes about 5 minutes to get started. Give it a try with our free trial, and see if you don’t feel better on and off the mat within a couple of weeks!

MONDAYS:  each Monday you’ll receive your full week of personalized, prehab routines (via text and/or email, you pick). You can adjust your notification preferences at anytime, by logging on to your Member dashboard.

THURSDAYS:  every Thursday you’ll receive a quick weekly feedback form, which includes:

– A workout log to mark which days you completed your routines

– Your “Prehab Score”, which is calculated as the average difficulty level of all the exercises you’ve performed over the last three weeks

– 5-questions to rate the ease or difficulty of your routines. If you forget to adjust this, we’ll simply keep your preferences from the prior week.

When doing your routines:  

– Each exercise begins with a 12 sec intro to give you time to see the exercise and get set up. After the intro, Mike guides you through each exercise, just follow along for the designated time/reps.

– Be sure to turn up the audio up to hear Mike’s cues on how to properly perform the exercise movements. 

Achieving optimal injury prevention means being able to do all BJJ prehab exercises at Level 3.

Your prehab score is calculated as the average level of all the exercises you’ve performed for the last three weeks. If you are level 1 for some exercises, and level 3 for others, your score will be somewhere in the middle.

Every week we make adjustments to your routines based on your feedback (so don’t forget to fill out your weekly feedback forms!). Your goal is to be able to do Level 3 versions of all your exercises. It’s tough, and will take a while, but you’ll be amazed at how loose and strong your body feels when walking around every day. Worth it.

The Prehab Score is a simple model right now. We are still gathering data from thousands of beta test routines in order to build a better Prehab Score. So stay tuned!

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