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Injury Prevention for the bjj practitioner

Correct Weaknesses and Imbalances in Mobility, Strength and Flexibility

Poor mobility, flexibility, and joint strength are the leading causes of BJJ-related injuries. Correct them before an injury occurs, so you can avoid unnecessary time off the mat.

Personalized and Convenient

BJJ Prehab Workouts Created Just for You, Delivered Each and Every Week

Based on your identified strengths and weaknesses, we design an individualized BJJ Prehab program, with workouts updated on your user dashboard or sent via email/text at the times that are best for you.

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Proven and trusted

BJJ Prehab Programs Designed by a Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and 3rd Degree Black Belt

Designed by Mike Pellegrino, a DPT, 3rd degree black belt and practicing physical therapist, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Customize your personalized routine to fit your needs.

Identify your problem areas so we can develop a personalized plan to help you achieve total-body improvement.

Specially-Curated Programming

Preset Routines for Every Goal

Supplement your customized programming with our preset routines designed for specific individuals or goals.


Strength & Conditioning

Full-Body Workouts

Looking for more? Take your prehab to the next level with our full-body routines aimed at improving your endurance, strength, speed and flexibility.

Focus your prehab

Head to Toe Routines
That Deliver Results.

Strength & Conditioning

Full Body Workouts.

Build a stronger, healthier body with routines for strength and conditioning designed for you by a doctor of physical therapy.