Why Prehab is You Best BJJ Training Partner

When it comes to BJJ training, there is always the potential for injury. Prehab will help you stay healthy so that you can roll longer. Why Prehab Is Your Best BJJ Training Partner Every time you engage in BJJ training, injury is a possibility. We often find ourselves in uncomfortable and physically compromising positions.  However, […]

Five Tips to Improve Your BJJ Fitness

If you love jiu-jitsu as much as the rest of us, longevity should be a priority. Here are 5 things you can do to improve your BJJ fitness. Five Things You Should be Doing to Improve Your BJJ Fitness We all have goals in our jiu-jitsu careers. For some, it’s to compete and win a […]

The Best BJJ Workout Routine

Yoga, strength training, and cardio are all great options. But ultimately prehab is the best BJJ workout routine to improve your rolling. Why Prehab is the Best BJJ Workout Routine If you’re looking to level up your rolling (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) one of the best things you can do is continue to […]

Easy BJJ Exercises to Do While at Work

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time is terrible for your posture and your jiu jitsu. Here are some easy BJJ exercises you can do at work to stay in top form. Easy BJJ Exercises to Do While at Work In today’s modern age, many of us sit for extended periods of time, […]

3 Tips for a Better BJJ Strength and Conditioning Program

A BJJ strength and conditioning program can really benefit you — but only if you are building functional strength and maintaining proper dynamics — here’s how you can make your off-mat training more impactful on the mat. Why BJJ Strength and Conditioning Alone Isn’t Enough The “do jiu jitsu to get better at jiu jitsu” […]

Prehab vs. Rehab

While rehab aims to RE-habilitate an injury, prehab aims to PRE-habilitate your body so that you can prevent injuries altogether. Read on to learn more about the difference, and what makes a successful prehab program. What is the Difference Between Rehab and Prehab? If you’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu long enough, you’ve probably experienced some […]

The Five Frequently Asked Questions of Prehab

Here are the five most common Frequently Asked Questions we receive about BJJ Prehab, and prehab in general. The Five FAQs of Prehab​ So, you’ve finally realized the importance of BJJ injury prevention, and decided to join the prehab bandwagon. Or maybe you’re still on-the-fence and you’re curious to learn more… Either way, you have questions about […]